EQUA was founded in 1995 by two brothers Tanel and Janno Joost. Today, a small company with two employees has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment in Estonia. More than 70% of the company’s production is exported, mainly to Ireland, Germany, England, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Production is located in Tartu in 2000 m2 production facilities.

EQUA’s mission is to provide medical institutions with the best solutions for furnishing their premises and choosing work equipment. EQUA’s production is divided into three areas: medical products (invacare products, examination tables, bedside cabinets), physiotherapy equipment (massage tables, physiotherapy tables) and veterinary products (operating tables, examination tables). In addition to the EQUA brand, the company also owns the SOFT TEMP brand, which produces disposable thermometer covers that are marketed across Europe. 

In addition to manufacturing its own products, the company also uses its wide range of production technology to subcontract metal and upholstery work.

European Regional Development Fund

On October 4, 2017, EQUA undertook an ambitious 3-year company product development program, for the implementation of which co-financing was requested from the Enterprise Development Fund. During the period of 2017-2020 several product developments were started with this program. In order to continue the company’s ambitious growth, an additional funding of 137,091.60 euros was requested as part of the “EQUA Development Program 2021-2022”. EQUA Development Plan no. 2014-2020.4.04.21-1847 is supported through the measure of the enterprise development program of the European Regional Development Fund. Within the framework of this program, several new innovative and high value-added products in the field of physiotherapy and veterinary medicine will be developed, as well as the company’s production and export capacity will be significantly increased.

Business ethics

EQUA’s reputation and credibility are our greatest assets, which determine our day-to-day behavior in relationships with our customers and suppliers. Uncompromising business ethics is an integral part of EQUA’s daily work. We consider this as an important aspect of our family business success story.

Tanel Joost



In our relationships with partners, we value openness and reliability. We are pleased to have found cooperation partners who share the same values.

EQUA OÜ is the sole representative of iM3 veterinary products in Estonia, handling both product sales and equipment maintenance and repair.

Tanel Joost

General Manager

Janno Joost

Managing Director

Martin Joost

Development Manager

laura-liis loos

Sales Representative Veterinary products / iM3