Complete manufacturing solutions


EQUA has produced medical equipment since 1995. Besides his own products the company is offering wide range of manufacturing services. Contemporary technology in EQUA as well as in AFTERONE enables to offer complete manufacturing solutions from multiaxis machining and traditional metal works to white label manufacturing. The company customers are many successful medical equipment manufacturers in Scandinavia. Working in medical industry has provided essential experience and work practice to be able to perform at highest manufacturing standards.
With most of the long-term cooperation partners just-in-time delivery system is established adding more value to the cooperation and customers’ supply chain.
EQUA services are highly regarded by many long-term customers. References are gladly presented to support this statement.

Welding quality is the signature of your product!


  • MIG, TIG and Aluminum welding.
  • 5-axis CNC-milling machine with robot
  • CNC-lathes (with bar feeders and live tooling).
  • CNC-band saw.
  • Conventional milling, drilling, threading and grinding machines.
  • CNC and NC-controlled press brakes.
  • Guillotine shear.
  • Plywood and foam cutting machines and upholstering tools.
  • Number of conventional working tools and instruments.
  • Separate mild and stainless steel material handeling facilities.
  • Clean assembling rooms.


EQUA’s sister company Afterone machining technology consists of contemporary multi axis CNC turning machines and CNC milling machines with robotic capability. Production is efficiently utilized in two work shifts providing excellent cost efficiency. However, reasonable prices are not the only aspects that our customers appreciate. Precise machining requires contemporary process planning and management with just-on-time deliveries as well as high finishing and packing quality.
Afterone’s ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities are essential part of EQUA’s service package, getting the cnc-parts in short time is a critical for keeping good delivery times and for prototyping.


EQUA has long-term experience in mild and stainless steel fabrication. The focus has been on high quality products that require supreme finishing and accuracy. The main products are components for medical devices such as surgery tables, storage and laboratory furniture, patient hoists and other medical equipment.
Our competition edge relies on highly skilled people as well as focused and open customer relationship. Wide range of in-house technology provides great value to our services.
All sub-contracting service is organized by a project-based method with great focus on quality and delivery accuracy.


We help our customers in every step necessary to bring their new product into market. We can provide OEM services as well as subcontracting works of components.
EQUA have worked out more than 100 different products since 1995, mainly medical devices and furniture, but not only.
Wide range of technology enables to manufacture number of different products from large selection of materials. Surface treatments such as chrome and zinc plating, anodizing and electro polishing are outsourced locally to reliable suppliers as well as electronic components assemblies. Our main competence relies on mechanical components.


EQUA have made upholstering works since 1997. There are seven highly skilled workers specialized purely on upholstery works. There are more than 200 different upholstery models in production.
With many long-term customers the deliveries are made directly from stock. It adds extra value to the customers production planning.
In order to keep good control over the quality and lead-times EQUA has all upholstering technology in-house (starting from foam and plywood cutting and clueing up to sewing and upholstering instruments). No subcontractors are used in this process.
There are hundreds of different models in the production from simple upholsteries up to the very complex hand-stitched pads. People in EQUA are aware that upholstery is often one of the most important visual component in medical equipment as it is the first thing that customers see. Therefore high attention on upholstery visual quality is a must in EQUA. References are gladly presented to support the above statement.


Tanel Joost

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