Since 1998, EQUA has been the sole representative of the French company Wesco in Estonia. Wesco’s product range includes more than 6,000 children’s toys, rehabilitation and activity equipment. In addition, the catalogue contains a large number of children’s developmental games and playroom furniture and furnishings. The products are mostly intended for educational or medical institutions working with children.
Wesco has published a NEW extensive (1000 pages) catalogue of products for year 2022, which is primarily aimed at children aged 0-12. 

For more information, please contact Equa Sales Manager via mobile +372 5624 3556 or send us your address and phone number to and we will send you the catalogue. Your phone number is necessary in order for the courier to contact you because the catalogue itself is very big and might not fit into your mailbox. It is free of courier charges to send the catalogue to institutions dealing with children.

We sell Wesco products only to juridical person.

Wesco online catalogue for year 2023 can be found from HERE

Wesco pricelist for year 2023 can be found from HERE

Wesco products are being ordered to Estonia according to every customers´ specific order. Delivery time varies between 2-7 weeks, depending of the amount of current orders.

PS! Ordered goods cannot be returned to the supplier!