EQUA-5502V Softtemp thermometer covers – Digital Lubricated

  • Disposable digital thermometer covers to prevent the spread of crossinfection and to maintain hygienic conditions for both the patient and the healthcare professional

These disposable covers are specially designed for digital thermometers and for rectal use. Lubricated with glycerin ointment. The lower section is non-transparent; the contamination on the tip is not visible. Space is provided for noting patient´s name, bed number, room number, temperature and time. PVC free!
The boxes are designed for 50 covers.

How to use the SOFT TEMP?
Step 1: Open the small carton and take out one cover.
Step 2: Insert the thermometer into the inner cover of the SOFTTEMP product.
Step 3: Hold the inner cover with one hand and the outer cover with the other and pull the inner cover out together with the thermometer.
Step 5: Use the thermometer for its purpose. If required write the notes about the patient on the outer cover – name, room number, bed number, temperature and time.
Step 6: Keep the thermometer inside the inner cover at all time while taking the temperature. Insert the inner cover together with the thermometer back into the outer cover after the temperature has been taken.
Step 7: Remove the thermometer from the product and dispose both covers.
Step 8: The thermometer is ready for use with the next SOFTTEMP cover.
Taking the temperature with SOFTTEMP is SOFT and SAFE!

delivery time

15 days